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Commercial Construction

Clayton Construction has a proven 30+ year reputation for delivering high-quality commercial projects.  We believe in building strong relationships that are based on trust, integrity and quality performance.

New Construction

We take the stress out of your new commercial construction project. At Clayton Construction, we understand that new construction projects are a huge investment of time, money, and emotional energy. Whether you are building a warehouse, office, apartment building or hotel, we help you from planning to completion. As experienced professionals, we will help you to eliminate the wasteful spending and maximize your construction dollars.

Office, Medical & Retail Build-Outs

Starting or expanding your business with a medical or retail office build-out can be stressful and expensive. Clayton Construction will put you at ease. We provide a high quality build-outs based on your needs. We will help you design a space to maximize efficiency while you are conducting your business. We will help you with the design process while outlining the costs and possibly ways to save money. With a solid build-out plan, our experienced crew will complete the project within the agreed upon time frame and help you get back to your business.

Marine / Seawalls

Nobody knows how to build seawalls and other marine construction quite like Florida experienced contractors, like us. We provide design services that stem from years of experience with projects from the past. Whether you need a dock built on a lake or a pier on a river, we can handle any situation. This is not a project for someone inexperienced. With harsh weather conditions and unique waterways, we know what it takes to get the job done right.


Large-scale residential housing projects can be complex, but Clayton Construction has the experience to complete the job on time and within budget. We build multi-family homes, condominiums, apartments, resorts, and timeshares. Our attention to detail and quality work ensure the final results will be a safe and durable living facility. With superior project planning and accurate budgeting, we help bring large-scale projects to completion.


Renovations or new construction of hotels and resorts can make or break the business. With quality suites and high-end lobbies, hospitality industry standards are high and quality matters. Clayton Construction knows the importance of excellence and superior craftsmanship. We build grand entrances with impressive structures, waterfalls, masonry, or whatever delights your visitors. We will listen to your vision and make it happen.

Residential Construction

At Clayton Construction, we understand that your house is a large investment that you hold dear to your heart. When you trust us to build your new construction, remodel or renovate your home, it is a very significant honor.  We don’t take the responsibility lightly. Our design team will listen to your needs and keep you informed along the way. Our crew will treat your property with respect and protect your belongings while we are in your home for the renovation.

Luxury Home Remodels

Everyone deserves to enjoy some luxury at home. When it is time to upgrade yours, Clayton Construction is the best option. Many remodel projects start with the kitchen. We offer advice for eco-friendly appliances and functional layouts that will suit your family’s needs. Some remodels are bathroom or other rooms in the home. There is no room we can’t remodel. All remodel projects will be carefully planned and executed.

Large Additions

Have you heard the expression; “Our family just grew by two feet.”? When that happens, you need at least an extra 10 feet of living space. Anytime your family grows, your need for space grows. Large additions seem like a daunting project, but it doesn’t have to be. Clayton Construction will help guide you through the design process to make sure you get exactly what you need. Then, we will communicate with you though the building process to ensure it is completed to your specific requirements.

Garages / Workshops / Mancaves

Are you ready for your dream workshop of man cave? Have you been waiting long enough? Turn your garage into that space you have always dreamed about. Clayton Construction can help make that dream a reality. We will help you design the room, with the help of your budget, to ensure you are getting what you want. You deserve to have a space that you call your own, so why not turn your garage into that space?

Boat & RV Storage

Give your boat or RV a home; build a storage facility on your property. Traveling to get your boat or RV out of storage can be a pain, just when you want to go have some fun, you have to stop what you are doing and go bring it home to load up with gear. With the help of Clayton Construction, you can have a storage facility right on your own property. We will help you with the permitting and build it to your specifications and to withstand the storms.

Barns / Porches / Mother-In-Law Suites

Upgrade your property. Build a porch, barn, or mother-in-law-suite. If you are running out of room in your home or just want a special place to go that is still on your property, Clayton Construction can build any space you can dream of. We will work with you to design what you need and want, work within your budget to make it happen, and ensure that it is a quality build structure that will last the lifetime of your home.

Roofing & Pool Restoration

What good is a home without a trustworthy roof and a functional pool? Having a solid roof is one of the most important parts of owning a home. When storms bear down on Florida, your roof takes the most abuse and needs to remain in tact. When the sun is bearing down on you and you need to cool off, your pool needs to be ready to receive you. Clayton Construction can help restoring your roof and your pool.

Industrial Construction

We build the Industrial construction projects of the future, delivering today with an eye on tomorrow. Experienced in serving large industrial customers, Clayton Construction will work through the complex issues with customers on projects like these. Our goal is to get the job done right with an emphasis on what the customer needs to do with the facility after completion. The end result has to be a facility that functions in the way it was intended.


Someone must make the plant where they make the other stuff! We understand the sophisticated processes and systems that go into manufacturing plants. It is our goal to help design and build manufacturing facilities that are highly functional and work streamline production. Cutting costs during the manufacturing process has a direct effect on everyone who will buy the products being manufactured. From the front office to the production line, to loading docks, Clayton Construction will build a high quality facility.


State-of-the-art facilities are needed for the innovative projects of the aerospace community. The industry has unique needs when it comes to their construction projects. Clayton Construction is experienced and able to provide services to this industry, when many of our competitors cannot. We understand that aerospace customers need a reliable and trustworthy construction company with highly skilled professionals to get the job done right. Our crew knows how to handle the complex situations that may arise during an aerospace construction project.

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